Business Card Printing – The Way It All Began

Swapping business card printing is really a natural factor to complete whenever you meet someone you need to connect with it’s achieved the status to be a social convention, but where made it happen all start? What got us to the practice of swapping a little printed card to make certain colleagues along with other business contacts could connect with one another?


Everything began in Europe within the 16th Century, most likely in France, when gentlemen used handmade cards to create notes onto one another, and the like was the acceptance of playing games like a gentlemanly pursuit that they are recognized as legally binding documents. The note happens to be an IOU for any debt, a promissory note for the money or perhaps a business agreement, and maintained as Bearer Cards in recognition to the fact that when the card was signed the bearer were built with a contract in the hands.

In 17th Century France them then become visiting cards, where these were accustomed to pass general notes and behave as general phone cards when gentlemen lost visiting buddies and companies. This evolved rapidly in a type of social etiquette for that gentry and well to complete where, as opposed to just shedding in unannounced, a card was initially presented with a servant to check on when it might be easy to really call personally. The convention spread rapidly throughout Europe and phone cards grew to become firmly established as the best way to introduce yourself and arrange conferences.

Trade Cards

Businessmen soon adopted the social convention for his or her professional needs, and recognised the opportunity of advertising their wares and services in addition to letting people know where these were. At that time newspapers were limited within their circulation and printing techniques, so not one other type of mass advertising was available. By printing a fundamental map of how to locate the store or business around the cards, additionally they grew to become the first from of economic directory. As printing techniques improved with the 18th and 19th centuries, so did the sophistication of trade cards, with ever improving colour and graphic designs, and Trade card production grew to become a significant printing industry on its own.

The enhancements in printing, however, consequently brought towards the demise from the trade card. As magazines and newspapers with colours and photographs grew to become cheaper and viable as media, they grew to become an infinitely more attractive spot for advertising services and products, by the finish from the 1800s trade cards had virtually disappeared. The introduction of the phone and altering social attitudes had very similar impact on phone cards using their use also receding of favor.

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