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Instagram is a social networking site like Facebook, which is on-trend. At present, Instagram has become a huge social media platform for socializing and marketing and showing talent. It’s a trend now to get Instagram followers with Famoid on the page. So, here are some tips to get a huge fan base.


How to get real Instagram likes and followers

  • Create a good bio or profile: This is a basic tip to everyone reading this. Apply fonts to your texts and also keep a crisp and creative way of writing on front. Because when people see your profile, they take a quick look at your bio first and then go for posts. Your bio should be brief and attractive.

  • Be engaging in Instagram: You should start doing live videos now and then interact with the public whenever you get time to interact.

  • Creating valuable content: A beautiful content captivates people and makes them like and comment for sure. The content can be related to emotions, relationships, pets, lifestyle, exercises, etc. The list goes on. When people have some reason to follow up, they surely do. So, could you give them a reason?

  • Comment: Only liking the post doesn’t work much when commenting on a post you like has an impact. Here your name gets exposed, and the person sees you more personally.

  • Tagging a friend: When you tag a friend, your post goes to the tag list of other friends’ profiles, and when friends of friends look at those posts, they get an idea about you.

  • Optimizing your bio to explore page: This can be done simply by hashtagging. When you create a hashtag with some prominent words like health, smile, fitness, etc., people searching for these keywords get your profile to look at.

  • Create stories: Create enhancing Instagram stories using the features provided in it. People like to watch stories rather than posts because stories have limited being active for 24 hours only.

  • Use IGTV: You want to have some topics to say about or make a video on something, use IGTV on Instagram. That gives more views to the public.


How to buy Instagram followers?

  1. Search for buying Instagram followers.

  2. Various sites will pop up on the search page.

  3. Anywhere you go, you have to fill the form, giving details and Instagram account details.

  4. Then, they will provide you with different schemes according to the number of followers you need.

  5. You pay according to your choice, and immediately there will be a rise in your follower count.

If you get fewer likes in comparison to your followers’ count, it’s suspicious for everyone. Who would have followed you for real might get a bad impression and end up unfollowing you.

Even if Instagram suspects there is very low credibility and bought some fake followers, it ends up deleting your account.


Being an Instagram influencer and getting likes and followers is a slow and steady process. The more you develop personally and socially, you will have many likes and followers.

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