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When referring to emergency or crisis medicine, mention would have to be made of Dr Michael Hilton. He is an emergency medicine doctor that is based in NYC (New York City), USA (United States of America). This is a practicing physician that has had considerable and inestimable years of experience in the field of emergency or necessity medicine. 

Since the year 2022 till this present time, Dr Michael Hilton has beena consultant at NYC Therapeutics in the USA. He is working in collaboration with the founder of this Medical practice organization in;

  1. Ensuring that regulatory deference or compliance is put in place towards establishing patients’ privacies and safeties.
  2. Making sure that human resources, as well as all laboratory services being carried out at NYC Therapeutics, conform to laid-down regulatory assent. 
  3. Developing operations manual, which comprises standard operation policies, procedures, as well as inventory needs. 

One of the responsibilities of Dr Michael Hilton at this prestigious Medical practice center in NYC is to formulate a suitable marketing plan as well as a business strategy for the company. And he is living up to this billing, for he has had the required expertise and experience to excel well in taking this responsibility. He has served in the capacity of Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and also, associate Medical Director at Sollis Healthcare center in NYC, where he exercised and carried out similar duties.

Notably, similar roles and responsibilities that Dr Michael Hilton undertook at Sollis Health center are;

  1. Establishment of a good and productive relationship with all vendors of the Healthcare facility. This is inclusive of referral partners, lab vendors, and local hospital VIP (Very Important Personnel) services.
  2. Implementation of the MedBank purposely to boost the regulatory compliance and inventory control that have been put in place. 
  3. Also,MedBank was implemented to ensure good clinical standards or quality for the pharmaceuticals. 
  4. Dr Michael Hilton equally served as a clinical consultant for new health centers or facilities towards furnishing them with the right and proper equipment. 
  5. Partnering with the teams of Operations and Commercial towards implementing medical services that would attract different customers of all demographics.
  6. Also wrote the Medical Product Vision book, which acts as a guide for the rise of the clinical service line at Sollis Health. 
  7. Put in place some key performance checklist or indicator to ensure that the clinical team performs excellently.
  8. Implemented a good Quality Assurance Process.

Based on the expertise of Dr Michael Hilton, emergency medicine could simply be defined as a specialty of medical science. It focuses on the diagnosis or identification of some serious injuries and sicknesses as well as their treatment thereof which need instant medical attention. Those that could be called emergency medicine experts like Dr. Hilton must have acquired experience that would make them act very quickly and also efficiently towards attending to an emergency medical situation. They are medical personnel that would be called upon where there are: 

  1. Natural disasters.
  2. Accidents with victims seriously injured.
  3. Terrorist or biological attacks.

As an emergency medicine expert who is the first responder, Dr Michael Hilton knows how to stabilize the patient. He completed his emergency medicine residency program for four years before starting to practice.  




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