Things to know about the extraction points in Escape from Tarkov

What is Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is an online first-person survival shooting game that is developed by a Russian game developer. Based on the war times of the Russian border, the storyline revolves around the escape from a war-torn city named Tarkov. You will act as a member of private military groups or a Scavenger acting on behalf of rebel groups in the city. There will be several maps in the game with a different environment. Some of these maps are the Woodlands map, Reserve map, Factory map, and Shoreline map. Depending upon the map you choose, you will spawn on the land and will face the opponents that are present in the area. You will get some gears and weapons during the spawn. Also, you can buy or loot some weapons during the raid. Your objective will be to find an extraction point in the map after collecting as much loot items as you can and get out of the city. There will be health levels for your character, and you will die if it goes to zero. Since it is a tedious game with ultra-realistic events, you should use some Tarkov cheats to make it easier. With the help of these hacks, even a beginner player can make it to the extraction point and retain his loot items. In this article, let us discuss some more about the game in brief.

Extraction points in Escape from Tarkov

As the objective of the game is to get out of the town, there should be a way to do that. There will be a specific place on your map which will take you out of the city if you meet the requirements. This point of exit is known as the extraction point. Depending on the map you select to play, the locations of exit points will vary. So, let us discuss some of the different maps in the game.

Woodlands map – You will spawn in a dense forest and will continue the game in the woods. Since there will be distractions from wild animals along with your opponents, you will lose your way if you do not know where is the extraction point. There will be extraction points exclusive for PMC or Scavs, and you can find exits allowing both the players. You should reach some of the extraction points at a specific time when they are available as most of these exits will not be active all the time.

Factory map – As the name suggests, the map will be full of factories and buildings. It will be a confined region, and many players cannot occupy it at a time. So, you should know the exact location of the extraction point as soon as possible.

Shoreline map – It is a map covered with waters. You may find it easy to reach the exit points by following the waters at the end of the map. But you will have to wander a lot in the lands since the extraction points are spread around the area.

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