Entrepreneurs and Small Company Proprietors – Focus On Your Company Not Inside Your Business

Work more about your company, and fewer Inside your business.

This really is the way to guarantee more earnings with less work.

How can you get it done? Continue reading…

Altering Your Perspective to 30,000 Ft

It’s difficult to make time to “see” your company, your product or service, services and customers if you’re busy and stressed.

If your only perspective comes from the trenches, it’s real hard to produce a prosperous vision for the future that’s not the same as what you are getting today.

And you must have an image that excites you and also inspires you or work is simply a drag. With an inspired or refreshed vision, you have to elevate yourself over the day-to-day activities of the business. To get this done, you need to create a while on your own – only for caring for your business – you cannot get it done while you are employed in your company.

So have some time now and maybe even today! If you are completely jammed, you may still most likely have a few minutes to boost yourself up above your everyday business activity, and appear lower and get “exactly what does my company need most?” Have a couple of breaths and allow that to question sink in. Do not attempt to generate a solution that you simply think you know. Rather, take the focus on your breath, and watch for a solution. This may appear just a little odd, but believe me, that by doing this, you learn how to TRUST YOURSELF. Do this today. Maybe put here we are at this kind of “seeing” inside your calendar.

Kevin F. Murray is definitely an author, Mentor Coach and Toltec guide within the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz. He’s President of Sebago Energy Conservation Corp. and EarthLight Talking to, LLC. Kevin is really a lifetime entrepreneur and it has practiced sacred traditions for more than twenty five years. He’s a husband and father residing in Connecticut.

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